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Master of Business Administration (RMBA)

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At a Glance

Faculty : Faculty of Business
Department : Dept. of Business School
Program : Masters in Bank Management
Duration : 1 Year 4 Months or 2 Years
Total Credit : 48 or 60
Course Outline : Download
It is not by augmenting the capital of the country, but by rendering a greater part of that capital active and productive than would otherwise be so, that the most judicious operations of banking can increase the industry of the country.
  Adam Smith, moral philosopher & Economist.


The Business School of Northern University Bangladesh offers an exciting and career-oriented post-graduate degree ‘MBM’. For the convenience of working professionals there is an executive track alongside the regular version. The degree will be granted on completion of either 48 credit hours (executive stream) or 60 credit hours (regular stream). The rationale for this targeted course is to impart practical instruction complemented by real-life examples. The program is meant for those young professionals who are in the cusp of rapid career progression in financial institutions. This degree will make you stand out from the crowd and turbo-charge your career by giving you the ‘tools of the trade’.

Unlike an academic degree, MBM is tailor-made to appeal to ambitious young bankers. The basic courses lay the socio-economic and legal foundations of banking. Later, more advanced topics are introduced, for example credit management. These courses provide you with the tools and methods to analyze situations and problems, weigh alternatives, advise top management and carry outpolicies.Live examples, case studies, group projects and guest speakers will enhance class-room experience. Working executives, through class participation, will bring new perspectives to some of the more pressing problems plaguing our financial institutions. You will be sought after by employers for your maturity, insight and expertise.