Message from the Chairman

Md. Ansar Ali

Northern University of Business & Technology Khulna.

It is a matter of immense pride and great joy that NUBTK has embarked on its journey in the field of higher education in Bangladesh. With a view to enriching and expanding the sector of scientific, technological and business education in the region, NUBTK aspires to be a regional hub for assimilating, sharing and utilizing knowledge. Besides providing quality higher education for local students, this institution is unwavering in its intent to be at par with globally accepted standards in today’s dynamic academic landscape. In the backdrop of the current demographics and industry demands, this university will act as a bridge between the demand and supply of a technically adept and academically proficient workforce. Students from all over the country, especially from the eastern and south-eastern regions, will be hugely benefitted by the expansion of academic and career opportunities provided by NUBTK. For our future students of NUBTK, welcome you all with open arms to join the NUBTK community and look forward to a lifetime of learning in concord with all the stakeholders involved. The management and the teaching staff at NUBTK are also focused on imparting humane values in students because, for us, education is not merely to a means to earn a degree but it is also a way of life signifying attitudes, principles and moral attributes. I wish all the new entrants the very best of luck in their academic and extra- curricular activities during their tenure in this university and hope that all of them would be able to become top-notch innovators, scientists and engineers who will be a great strength to our motherland and play an active role as responsible global citizens for the betterment of all humanity.