Message from Founder VC

Professor Dr. A.Y.M. Abdullah
Founder Vice-Chancellor

Northern University of Business & Technology Khulna.

It is with great honor that I take the mantle of founder Vice-Chancellor of NUBTK, a promising institution for higher learning in the physical, engineering and business sciences. As the founder Vice-Chancellor, it is my privilege to participate in advancing the interests of an educational institution that is going to play a major role in the development of the national and regional academic sector and in improving prospects for the younger generation from this region. We plan on providing state-of-the-art facilities, constantly updating our curricula to incorporate modern developments and collaborating with national and international institutions to position NUBTK as a quality educational institution. By adopting best practices from regions with similar and slightly elevated growth patterns and facilitating inter-institutional collaboration, we can facilitate innovation leading towards socio-economic empowerment, which will subsequently build a brighter future for Bangladesh as a nation. It is indisputable that technology is the dominant force shaping the course of world civilization in the 21st century. NUBTK seeks to prepare today’s students by engaging them in theoretical learning sustained by practical experience in an environment that adheres to standards of excellence. We will strive to incubate new ideas, encourage innovation and research work and create new talent in the disciplines of engineering, business and technology. In this regard, I implore each of our students to make the best use of time by exploring one’s talents, to seize the day everyday at the campus and to absorb all the knowledge one may receive from our capable teachers. I hope that NUBTK will continue to scale new heights and serve the society as a seat of higher learning and incubator of talent.